Over 30 Years of Manufacturing the Finest Metal Magazines

D&H Industries is proud of our history. Our current magazines represent a push towards continuing improvement of the original LaBelle Industries product line. The relationship with our sister companies with their involvement in the metalworking and machining fields aids our efforts in innovation. Together, we are an over $50 million manufacturing entity.

Proven Reliability, Consistent Quality

When you are literally under fire, that's not the time to doubt the quality of your weapon's magazine. We understand the process required for turning draw-quality aluminum, steel, resistance welded seams, 17-7 PH springs and high quality followers into reliable magazines that you can stake your life on.

We take pride in the robustness of our Quality Systems. Each and every firearm component is individually inspected to ensure proper feed lip dimensions and spring compression. D&H follows stringent US Military specifications and performs a destructive test on a percentage of every magazine production lot to ensure our magazines will not fail during their use.